Meet the Murphys

Welcome to our World where Murphy’s Law always applies.  After 8 years, I finally married the love of my life and best friend.  We are the modern family and on occasion you’ll have the opportunity to read about our crazy lifestyle, including how well (or not so well) we blend

In 2009 we bought our first house and spend lots of time giving it that Murphy touch, but…   You know Murphy’s Law – What can go wrong will go wrong.  This blog is a great way to share our hard work, triumphs and epic fails.

 First and foremost we are no ordinary Murphy’s.  We are a family of Parrotheads!  (It’s no coincidence there’s a PH in our name.)  The first song my son ever sang was Cheeseburger in Paradise, my “keets” find Barefoot Children comforting to sing during a thunderstorm, my baby is Lil Miss Magic and every event concludes with a Lovely Cruise.  So now that you know the key ingredient, let me introduce the fam!


Lisa: Working Professional, Super Mom, and Truly Blessed 


Chris, aka “The Hubs” – The most dedicated husband and father in the entire world. That poor mans puts up with so much from all us girls. And he is willing to help with whatever project I throw his way. He does the crappy work that I don’t like. He is truly a saint. 


(Pay attention, this is the “blended part.”)


“Hollywood” – His daughter.  She’s so creative and has such an amazing artsy vibe!  She is my partner in crime on many projects.



“Bubby” – My son, Shane. He is quickly becoming a teenager *GASP* Stay posted pholks! It could get interesting…



“The Diva” – Our daughter, Kiersten, aka Keeks. Diva, social activist, and entertainer. (Mostly diva.)

“Firecracker” – Our baby, Riley. The jury’s still out on this one. We have yet to see the great things Riley has to offer this world. 



  • Killian – Our Akita and guardian
  • Bella – The Sassy Pomeranian (of course she’s Kiersten’s – they were meant for each other)
  • Mel – Our GREY cat who my son thinks looks like a marshmallow (No one understands, don’t even try to figure it out.  Just go with it)

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