Inspired: Time to do the Entryway!

I’ve got the itch! I absolutely must start another project around the house.  As a mother of 4 kids (5 if you count my husband) money is tight after the holidays.  So to satisfy my craving I’m going to do something simple yet high impact… the front entry hallway.

The entry is like a sneak peek into someone’s home and style.  It’s the first area visitors see upon arrival (other than the front door).  Therefore it’s where visitors will form their first impressions.  I have done absolutely nothing with my entry since buying my home in 2009.  Zero!  Zip!  Zilch!  Nada! 

It’s time to log off of Pinterest and put all those pins in action so I created an inspiration board.  Here is what my entry hall looked like when I bought the house.  All of the items in the entry are the former owner’s property.  The table, tiki god and coat/hat rack are now gone and the hallway is completely bare.  The only thing I did was paint the walls a taupey beige color because that parchment color was driving me mad.


This hallway is totally boring and completely lacking any style.  There are several main things I want to do:

  • Paint an accent wall;
  • Add a pop of color;
  • Make the space functional by use of a bench and shoe storage;
  • Break up the runway look with an area rug;
  • Add a decorative feature to the large wall opposite the steps;
  • Do something with the built-in door chime space (the door chimes are broken);
  • Replace both dated light fixtures; and
  • Add a sense of style to make one helluva first impression.

Here’s my inspiration board and the plan:

I have 2 themes going on…. one is dainty with flowers and uses purple as the main color while the other is a peacock theme.  I soooooooo want to use a peacock theme somewhere in my house and just can’t find the right place.  This just might be it!  Which one do you think I should go with?  Chris said the flowers are “terrible; “they’re “atrocious!”  If he absolutely must pick between the two he prefers the peacocks.  LOL

Either way, the hubs is gonna be super busy stenciling the accent wall and tiling the built-in.  I’m off to get started with a DIY project inspired by Pinterest.  It’s the framed initials found on my inspiration board. 

Hope you’re inspired as much as me!  WOOT!