Bird Bath Garden

I love outdoor projects as much as I love indoor.  I know it’s not the time of year to focus on the garden, but I want to share my recent transformation with you.  It’s the first garden I tackled in my new home.  When we moved in, our landscaping was a bunch of overgrown shrubs.  Even the hostas were killing each other!  How does that happen, right?!  So I tackled a small garden in front of my back porch (the porch is a whole project in itself). 

This little garden near my porch had clearly been neglected for a long time.  It’s right there next to the place my family gathers for barbeques and dinners so I wanted to beautify it right away!  And it was definite need of a serious makeover.

First thing is first….get rid of all those weeds!  We pulled everything from this garden and only left the hostas.  At first I tried to leave the trumpet vine that was growing up the trellis, but 1) I am not a fan of white plastic lattice and 2) the trumpet vine looks dead 90% of the time.  When its in full bloom it’s gorgeous, but it doesn’t bloom often or long enough for me.  And it was taking over the neighborhood.  I mean this sucker was not only popping up in the middle of my yard, but it was also popping up in my neighbor’s yard!

Once the weeds were pulled Chris aerated the dirt and then laid some flat rocks to look like stepping-stones.  I knew I wanted to use the bird bath in the middle of this garden so he used the stones as a small path to the bird bath. 

My mother had an over abundance of japanese irises, enough for this small garden and then some.  I donated the extra to my church.  Then I slowly began to fill the empty spaces with impatiens and man did they love the soil!  Here’s my baby plants at the beginning of spring.

And here they are at the end of summer.  I told you they love the soil!

The shrub didn’t make it thanks to my dog, Killian, who thought it was his personal restroom.  I tried to replace it with a dwarf sunflower which was beautiful when I bought it, but did not like this garden as it’s home.  The poor thing just wouldn’t stay healthy for me.  I’m thinking about replacing it with mums to give some fall color.  Not sure yet, but certainly an idea.  Of course we moved the garbage can where I planted cone flowers given to me by a dear friend.  I removed the trellis and trumpet vine (or witches fingers as my husband calls them) to make room for holly hocks.  The giant weed was removed and replaced with a tiny lilac starter bought from the local garden club’s annual plant sale. 

Can’t wait to tackle the other bare garden by my porch!  I just have so many ideas…box woods, hydrangeas…..which direction do I go?!


4 comments on “Bird Bath Garden

  1. Love nature flowers gardens too! So beautiful before and after pics. I just moved into my new place and just moved my container plants. Flowers make my heart grow!

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