Hollywood’s Room

My 9 y/o stepdaughter recently came to me and asked if she could have her own room.  She shared a room with my 5 y/0 diva.  And like most diva’s, Kiersten demanded to be treated like a queen by all.  We only have a 3 bedroom cape cod.  Chris and I share a room, Shane has his own room, and Hollywood and Kiersten share a room.  So I asked Hollywood where she would move her room.  She said she wanted the playroom that is off the living room downstairs.  I warned her that it’s the size of most large walk in closets and not as big as the room she shares with Kiersten.  Hollywood did not care, she was sick of cleaning up after my little diva.  I couldn’t blame her; I’m sick of waiting on the Diva hand and foot too.  And 9 is that age where a girl is starting to want some privacy, ya know!

So Hollywood and I spent the weekend moving all of the toys into Kiersten’s room and picking out a theme for Hollywood’s new bedroom.  It was decided…  zebra and hot pink.  How fun!  Off to google I went searching images for tween girl bedrooms.  I found http://designdazzle.com/  full of creative ideas. 

This is what Hollywood’s room looked like when we bought the house (not my furniture or style and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t St. Patrick’s day either.  LOL).

Hollywood insisted on having pink walls.  After much protest I finally agreed.  It is her room afterall.  I wanted to stay chic yet let her have fun with it.  We had to make do with the furniture she already had.  I am a lover of Ikea.  She had the TROFAST storage and the MAMMUT dresser.  These 2 items were a must stay.  All new furniture was not in the budget.  However, Hollywood had no headboard for her bed which was a result of being on the bottom bunk in a shared room.  So my darling husband made her a headboard.  Thanks to the former owners who left behind all their junk in our garage, basement, and shed.  We were able to use some plywood, put some sponging over it, then wrap it in a soft pink zebra print (again I wanted black and white, but it’s not my room).  The only tool Chris used was a staple gun.  Super cheap and super chic!

My sister had given me 2 pink curtain panels which she had no use for.  I cut the bottom of of each panel and made 2 valances, then divided the remaining to panels in half to make 4 smaller panels.  I wanted to use these as an accent on the windows and not the main curtains.  I bought some black and white zebra print suede cloth and made curtains.  (My first sewing project ever…thanks to the best MIL ever!)  I tied the curtains with some leftover pink bow, threw a mirror on the wall and tied it up with the same ribbon and voila! Awesome curtains!

I put up a message board next to her easel.  She’s such a creative little girl, that the easel next to the window was perfect, she just needed a place to display her artwork.  I also added a rug, that when delivered to the house she ripped open like Christmas morning and some special accents.  For the final touch, I painted Hollywood’s name above her bed to add some personalization.   The result was one happy little girl! 

In typical Murphy fashion, it is not finished.  😦  Chris still needs to move her flatscreen from the old room and I’d like to decorate her storage bins.  Once I figure out how I want to transform it I will update the post.  For now, here’s the after…


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